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Sensing Aura and Orbs

First of all you may be wondering what an aura is and what it looks like.
An aura is energy surrounding all objects, both living and solid. This energy is made up not only of different vibrations but also of colours, which are difficult to see with the naked eye. The nearest I can say they look like, is when you see a heat haze above the road on a hot summers day and you can see the air is a different density within the haze.
An easy way to explain and so you can see your own aura is to place your finger tips together with your hands facing downwards towards your knees. Then soft focus and allow your eyes to relax, then slowly move your finger tips apart. You will notice a shadow where your fingers where.
Another way you will notice an aura is when you sense someone is standing behind you in a queue and you can not see them, unless you turned around, but you know they are there.
To feel your aura is quite difficult to recognise at first, it may be easier to try sensing someone else's or a plant. To do this gently rub your palms together to stimulate the surface of your palms. Then very slowly place your hands over and above the plant or person, approximately one foot away. Then very slowly and gently pat the air and draw closer to the person then sense and feel the air density change as you get nearer. This will take practice but you will soon get the hang of it.
If you know someone has a bad back or headache, try sensing the heat in the aura before you touch the painful area. You will learn to feel the heat in the aura above the problem area. You will be amazed at the difference in temperature, even when you feel the skin  for comparison. Horses are able to detect you sensing their aura, when you hover your hands above their skin. A horse is a good subject for you to sense and feel an aura as they are a large animal and you will notice temperature changes.
Most people can do this, you don't need to be psychic to know how, just to be shown or told how to find aura's.
If you want to see an aura around a person, then soft stare and allow your eyes to remain relaxed and don't concentrate on what you are looking at. To allow your psychic senses, such as your third eye, to function, you need to disconnect from 'human' distraction and day dream. A persons aura is the energy surrounding their body and this can seem thicker in areas such as the head and the Solar Plexus (their belly button area) where negative energy accummulates from their own feelings of anger, guilt or jealousy. .
Negative energy is detected when you walk into a room and you know that there has been an arguement, the atmosphere feels 'thick', even thought the occupants are acting normal. Rooms, places and people can emit negative energy within their auric field. You do not need to be spiritual to sense and feel negative energy, everyone is able to 'just know' when something does not feel right. Likewise, you can walk into someones house or a place and know it feels comfortable and homely. There are many ways to dispell negative energy, one of these is to ask for pink/silver light or orbs to be placed around the person or within the room.

The pictures I have used on this page are all genuine, I have either taken the photographs myself or I know the people concerned. There is no fake or alteration by computer to the photographs, what you see is exactly how the photograph was developed.
I will only use photos that I feel are appropriate and that the people allowing me to show you them, are genuine and sincere.

Aura photo of Lynda

Orbs and what are they?
Orbs are beings of light who are conserving their energy by remaining in a concentrated mass of spiritual energy. Orbs are all around us, but they are difficult to see and sense. You are more than likely to see them in your peripheral vision as this is your ’lazy’ sight as your normal vision is where you are calculating and analysing data.
When your soul leaves your body it has no way of containing and protecting its self - so the soul concentrates into a cylinder mass, an orb. When the spirit person wants to be recognised then the orbs will stretch out their energy to become a recognisable figure i.e. your grand parent or deceased love one. This is why when you are giving healing or challenging spiritual energy you are more likely to see orbs.

Psychic group
The advanced psychic group working with their pendulums.
There are 3 orbs in this picture. Lady in black has large orb on her knee, the one above her head and to her left/our right, are small and difficult to see on the picture.

The advanced psychic group visit the Garrick theatre in Lichfield. We encountered many friendly spirits.
The energies within the theatre are very friendly and inviting, it is a lovely place and holds many happy memories. Though this is helped by the friendly people who work there, they will attract lovely energies and make it a pleasant place to be.
Jeff one of the members of the Psychic group had an encounter with an orb, you can see it to his right on the wall, level with his hand.

Me giving healing to my horse Gabbi. Notice the orbs above the stable wall, the one on the right is Ascended Master Kuthumi and his face can be seen within the orb. I have enlarged the image below so you can see it more clearly.

Ascended Master Kuthumi face can be seen within the orb.
I apologise for the quality, but even so I think you will be able
to see clearly his nose, eyes and face.
Ascended Master Kuthumi has kindly granted me permission for his energy to be shown in this way.

Helen giving Reiki healing to Gabbi.
Notice the orbs on Helens coat
and on Gabbi’s tummy.

Orbs around friends and family at a party

Orbs at a family party of one of my psychic students.

Reproduced by kind permission of one of our Reiki students
Notice the orbs around the dog,  above and below in both photos

Animals have human guides watching over and helping them, just like we have animal guides helping us. This dog was not only a true friend, but I believe also a spiritual dog who came to give help to the humans he truly loved.

If you need any further advice or you wish to contact me,
you can by one of the following:
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